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Wellness & Integrative

wellness coaching

60 Min | $40


Meet with the wellness coach to discuss your challenges in meeting your goals, from motivation, health hacks, to diet tips, nutritional and herbal information.  Topics may include cravings, blood sugar issues, fatigue, sleep problems, hormonal balancing, allergies and more.

Firming Body Wrap

90 Min | $120


This body wrap contains organic herbs and over 72 ionic alkalinizing minerals from both liquid and powder mineral sources,  MSM and magnesium. This powerful “tea” is brewed fresh for each session, ensuring there are no chemicals.  The client is wrapped firmly in elastic bandages soaked in the wrap solution, the minerals are easily absorbed into the skin, encouraging the body to release impurities.  This process firms and tones the skin, hydrating the body and reducing the appearance of cellulite. This wrap is also helpful during or after weight loss to help the skin “bounce back”. For best results, 3 wraps are recommended within 30 days, with one wrap for maintenance every 30 – 60 days . Results last an average of 90 days, depending on different factors. This wrap should not be done if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, or any open wounds.  Pregnant women need doctor’s clearance.